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(English) Koza City Jazz 2023 “Beyond Jazz, Beyond Borders”

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Koza City Jazz 2023
“Beyond Jazz, Beyond Borders”



element of the moment(Okinawa)
Gray by Sliver(South Korea)
OC experiment(Taiwan)

Beyond Jazz, Beyond Borders
Okinawan artists compete with Korean and Taiwanese artists!

“Koza City Jazz” is a live event in Koza(Okinawa-city), the city of music, that brings a variety of music with jazz as its core.
In the 2020s, jazz has repeatedly cross-fertilized with various types of music, and has shown a new view of the world of music without being bound by genres. This year, groups from Okinawa, Korea, and Taiwan will present a variety of sounds that transcend the genre of jazz and resonate across borders under the theme of “beyond Jazz, beyond the Border.

From Okinawa, “element of the moment” will perform. This unit, led by drummer Akira Nakamura, plays original jazz music. While their style is authentic, their emotional performance, backed up by their excellent technique, shows a variety of expressions. Their music also has an Okinawan essence.

South Korea’s “Gray by Silver” is a four-piece group with a reputation for quality sound that skillfully blends elements of jazz and traditional Korean music. The world view created by HanBin Lee, a pianist and composer, is very unique. With an upcoming tour to the Czech Republic in July of this year, the group is gaining a great deal of attention in the Korean jazz scene.

“OC experiment” is a band based in Kaohsiung, a port city in southern Taiwan. Based on fusion jazz, the rhythm line moves freely between jazz fusion, R&B, and funk. Their bilingual Chinese and Taiwanese songwriting represents the various moods of ordinary people. This is the first time for them to perform overseas. They are very much looking forward to seeing how their music will be received in another country.

Many people may have the impression that “jazz” is a difficult type of music. However, the three groups performing in this show are known above all for their live performances. The enjoyment of the music is sure to be conveyed beyond language barriers. We will create a place where as many people as possible, regardless of generation, can encounter new music.

Date:(Saturday) June 10 2023
Venue:Music Town Oto-Ichiba (1-1-1 3F Uechi Okinawa-city)
Time:Door open17:00  Show(Live streaming)18:00

◎Standard Tickets

General Early Bird Discount:¥2,000 Sales period:(Saturday) March 18-(Friday) March 31
(*Limited number of tickets available)
General Advance ¥3,000 Door ¥3,500
Okinawa Citizens Discount (Advance Sales Only) ¥2,500 (ID required)
Discount for disabled persons (1 caregiver at the same rate) ¥1500 (Handicap certificate required)
High school students and under ¥1,000
*1 drink order required(¥500)
<Ticket outlet>
Music Town Oto-Ichiba/Fukuhara Music/Teruya Music/Campus records/Sakurazaka theater(Naha)
Ticket PIA/Lawson ticket/Family Mart/e-plus

Early Bird Discount:Sales period:(Saturday) March 18-(Friday) March 31(*Limited number of tickets available)
General Sales:(Saturday) April 1

◎Live streaming tickets
Price:¥1,500 *Archived viewing available through Friday, June 16.
<Ticket outlet> Peatix

Inquiries and reservations=music Town Oto-Ichiba
Organized by: Okinawa City, Music Town Oto-Ichiba

※To prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection, the event will be held in accordance with Okinawa Prefecture’s latest handling policy.








element of the moment / エレメント・オブ・ザ・モーメント

element of the moment (a.k.a. Elemo) is a group with a warm Okinawan sound, precise arrangements, and improvisational spirit.
The group was formed in Okinawa in 2007. Immediately after its formation, the group performed weekly for two years at a live house in Naha City.
During that time, they wrote several songs almost every week. Now they have more than 100 original songs. They have performed at Taiwan International Music Festival, Ueda Joint, and Okinawa International Music Festival.
In September 2017, they released the album “OKINAWAN NIGHTS”.
In May 2023, they will perform at the Ulsan Jazz Festival in South Korea.

Sax :Tadashi Kohamoto
Trombone : Mitshuhiro Wada
Piano: Kota Sayama
Bass: Hideki Takao
Drum & Composer : Akira Nakamura


Gray by Silver / グレイ・バイ・シルバー
(South Korea)

“Gray by Silver” is a crossover unit based in Seoul, South Korea. This four-member group is well known for their high quality sound that skillfully fuses elements of jazz and traditional Korean music.
Their music is born from natural and emotional inspiration, incorporating diverse expressions of jazz, classical, rock, and folk music into its beautiful epic flow.
The band is set to perform at the ‘Colours of Ostrava 2023’ music festival in Ostrava, Czech Republic in July 2023.

Piano & Composition – HanBin Lee 이한빈
Voice & Lyrics – HanYul Lee 이한율
Daegeum – TaeHyun Kim 김태현
Drum – YeDarm Pak 박예닮


OC experiment / オーシー・イクスペリメント

Leader OC began creating in his house studio with keyboards and a laptop in 2019. He weaves songs based on fusion jazz, with the rhythm lines moving freely between jazz fusion, R&B, and funk. His bilingual Chinese and Taiwanese songwriting represents the moods of ordinary people and the ambiguous relationships between people.
In the fall of 2021, OC formed “OC experiment.
They have been spreading their sound and vibe at live houses and festivals such as “Debut” (The UU Mouth, Taipei), “Small Oyster Rock Music Festival” (Kaohsiung), “Taichung Jazz Festival” (Jazz Young Stage), “LUCfest” (Tainan). They aim to create a universe that keeps people grooving.
This time, their live performance in Okinawa is their first overseas show. They are very much looking forward to seeing how their music will be received in another country.

OC: Keyboard , Vocal
LEE5: Trumpet
YuChia: Bass
Yenchan: Drum

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